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Learn a versatile fighting system
in a challenging, supportive training environment.

Training martial arts requires you to make a sincere investment in your growth. Our program offers you an opportunity to develop practical martial arts skills step-by-step through a variety of dynamic, challenging workouts. Absolute beginners are welcome!


3 Simple Steps to Membership:

Get In Touch With Us

We welcome you to check us out on our Open Visit Day: Thursdays 7:30-9:30pm. No appointment is needed. Please plan to arrive at the beginning. If you would like to visit on a different day, contact us to make an appointment at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 240-230-7988 or fill out the online contact form.  


Give It A Shot

All prospective members start with a 2-Week Tryout where you will get a chance to experience first-hand the vast benefits of membership to our organization.  This is time for you to test the waters and to demonstrate to us that you are ready to invest in your development. It only takes 2 things for you to immediately see the benefits of membership: simply show up and give it an honest effort.  If you show up and show effort, you will be invited to enroll as a member. When you're ready, Sign Up For Your 2-Week Adult Tryout (for Teens, Click Here).


Become A Member

All members pay a flat monthly fee. There are no long-term contracts, testing fees, or other hidden charges. Training sessions are offered year-round on weekday mornings, evenings, and on Saturdays. As a member, you can attend unlimited sessions and also have the opportunity to attend special intensive seminars throughout the year.



Phone: 240-230-7988 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our Curriculum

Wing Chun is a well-rounded martial arts system that, if trained properly, can be used effectively at all ranges and against any opponent. It all starts with cultivating a strong foundation. Within your first few months, you will learn several exercises and drills in each of the following key areas:

Strength - Train traditional exercises uniquely tailored to the movements of Wing Chun 

Stamina & Endurance - Conditioning so that you can go the distance. You won't stand a chance against a trained opponent if you literally are too tired to stand.

Flexibility - Stretching helps you stay lose and agile, reducing the likelihood of injury. 

Form - Learn proper form so that you can first understand the ideas behind movements without the pressure of someone attacking you.

Footwork - Practice maximizing the use of your entire body while moving efficiently and strategically.

Fighting Fundamentals - Engage in partner and group drills to understand the context of fighting and develop solid fighting habits that apply to all fighting styles. 

Chi Sao - Fine tune your structure and internalize fundamental principles of the art through this unique method of sensitivity training.

Techniques - We combine Wing Chun principles, elements of the form, and footwork to create practical techniques. Step by step, you'll learn to use Wing Chun against a wide variety of attacks and fighting styles.

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Membership Criteria

  • You must be at least 12 years old at the time of applying. If you are under 18, a parent/guardian should be present when you submit your application.
  • There is a mandatory attendance minimum of 2 training sessions per week for all adult members. 
  • Anyone can apply for membership. However, for your own safety, you may not be permitted to join if you have previous medical conditions which hinder or prohibit you from engaging in intense physical activity.

Contact Information

Wing Chun Fist Art House
909 Fairview Ave
Takoma Park, MD 20912
 Open Visit Day: Thursdays 7:30pm
For Other Days: Make an Appointment 



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