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I may be slower, smaller, and weaker than my opponent...
So I must find a more clever way to conquer.

About Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu, a branch of Siu Lum (Shaolin) Kung Fu, is a martial art that emphasizes economy of movement and combines the practical applications of using both defense and offense simultaneously. The art is rooted in scientific principles and relies on accepting, understanding, and efficiently utilizing the physical and psychological realities that exist in the context of an actual fight. 

Wing Chun is commonly regarded as a close range style of fighting. Although the system does indeed excel at close range applications, the Wing Chun curriculum as passed down from SiFu Yip Man is comprehensive and includes the development of skills for fighting at any range. In fact, SiFu Yip Man himself was especially renowned for his devastating kicks. Some people say Wing Chun is a "soft" style. Wing Chun is actually balanced between "hard" and "soft" movements and principles. We flow with the opponent's power while delivering sharp, explosive strikes.  

In our training sessions, Wing Chun principles and techniques are taught in a hands-on manner where you can develop an understanding based on feeling as you experiment with applying core ideas in a realistic context. There are also numerous exercises and drills to develop strength, speed, agility, flexibility, and other physical attributes necessary for becoming an effective fighter. While Wing Chun teaches you practical combat skills, the true essence of the art is to develop your character, discipline and dedication to stand firm in all situations. It teaches you how to accept, analyze and understand other ideas and philosophies. 

Understanding the art of Wing Chun begins with accepting a simple idea:  You are human.  Any sincere practitioner of martial arts (or any discipline) is in a constant quest to grow and reach his/her full potential. However, as human beings we all have limitations. No matter how hard you train, you cannot guarantee that you will be bigger, stronger, or faster than every opponent. Therefore, you must expect that your opponent may have advantages over you.  Given such potential shortcomings, the fighting method of Wing Chun focuses on finding the most clever, efficient, and practical way to conquer an adversary.  

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