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Your 2 Week Tryout Program

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A Dynamic, Challenging, & Rewarding
Practical Martial Arts Experience

For Only $39, Try out Wing Chun MD and Experience:

  • Professional Instruction with Lots of Personalized Feedback
  • A Variety of Dynamic, Challenging Workouts
  • An Organized, Step-by-Step Curriculum
  • An Active Community of Supportive, Committed Members 
  • Train By Feeling So You Can Develop Usable Skills

    There are no hidden costs and no equipment is needed for your tryout. If you'd like to visit beforehand or enroll sooner, contact us to make an appointment. 

Chi Says:

"I am naturally uncoordinated and not a very athletic person, so the thought of martial art training is a little intimidating to me. A friend, who has tried quite a few martial art schools in the area, told me about this school and the 2 Week tryout program. I am very glad that I made the decision to join the tryout program. Classes are challenging both physically and mentally. I was constantly being pushed to my limits and beyond, but it felt amazing afterwards to know that I survived it all and was looking forward to do it all over again!"

↓↓SIGN UP BELOW↓↓ or call us at 240-230-7988

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Once your start date is confirmed, you can cancel for a full refund or reschedule up to 2 days before your agreed upon start date. No refunds for no-shows once your confirmed Tryout start date has passed.

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