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Ben Says:

"Having been out of the Marines for 12 years, I was looking for something equally challenging and rewarding. Sifu Michael has most definitely delivered. There may be many places to learn the art of Wing Chun, but very few that teach it the way it was meant to be learned. Kung Fu literally means "hard work", and Wing Chun MD demands no less. Your training will get progressively harder as you you become stronger. If you are looking for something that can and will change your life, then Wing Chun MD is worth more than a shot."

Audrey Says:

"This class challenges you both physically and mentally, but is a great and rewarding experience. I've taken a few martial art classes before and this class should define what a martial arts class is. It's not just learning forms and going through the motions. You actually learn techniques and how they apply to real life situations either by sparring or with demonstrations. Some of the key concepts of Wing Chun are efficiency in movements and always thinking that your opponent will be bigger, faster, and stronger. There is no relying on strength or power. As a woman, these concepts are crucial and I know that I will be able to hold my own if the need arises."

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Andrew Says:

"As a beginner to martial arts, I was intimidated by the prospect of starting Wing Chun lessons and training alongside students who have been practicing martial arts for months or years. My fears have since been dispelled, as Sifu Speights and his students have been very welcoming and happy to instruct a beginner. Sifu Speights makes time every class to work one on one with every student at every skill level. His knowledge of Wing Chun is staggering and he is eager to share it with his students. However, he will make you work hard for any progress. I have left many practices with my legs still shaking. Although it can be painful, it is a rewarding experience, as everything you do during lessons, whether it is practicing the forms or exercises, is important and will benefit some other aspect of your training. I am glad I decided to attend Sifu Speights' Wing Chun school."

Darrion Says:

"I apply the Wing Chun Principles to my art, career, and many aspects of my every day life. And I'm all the better for it. Ironically, maintaining the Wing Chun mentality of assuming that I'm "smaller, slower, and weaker" has made me a stronger, faster, and larger person in mind, body and soul. Larger in the sense that I stand taller knowing that I'm connected to something greater than myself: A legendary lineage. Faster in the sense that I'm learning to forego unnecessary movements in favor of simpler, more practical movements. Stronger in the sense that the difficulty - it's a very humbling art - of Wing Chun strengthens your body as well as your will."

Maureen Says:

"Such a rewarding experience. I've taken martial arts before and I've wondered If I could actually apply the techniques. I was never sure. However, since becoming a student at Wing Chun MD, I'm confident I can defend myself. You learn to push yourself more and more and that is something that can be applied to all aspects of life."

David Says:

"I have trained in combat sports my entire adult life and this is the most focused class that I have ever attended. The mission here at Wing Chun MD is simple: to develop the mind and body in order to attain true power and skill. Sifu Michael Speights is only concerned with helping you make genuine progress, not flashy gimmicks and the artificial sense of accomplishment that so unfortunately so many martial arts schools rely on today. The classes are always intense and challenging yet surprisingly relatable to newcomers. It's a fantastic workout but more importantly an invaluable opportunity to study kung fu in a pure and honest form."


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