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This is a one-of-a-kind workshop series that takes you deep into the world of the fighting arts and offers a hands-on opportunity for you to explore the core elements of fighting that all effective martial artists use, whether in the cage, ring, or on the streets.

Maybe you're small, a bit out of shape, not so coordinated, or have no experience. No worries! This program will show you skills and drills so you can learn to maximize the use of your body.

 What Makes This "GroundBreaking"?

• Small, Semi-Private Sessions
Groups are kept small (12 people or less!) so you will get plenty of professional, personalized feedback.

• Go Beyond Style 
Explore concepts and train skills that can be applied to any fighting system. 

• Remove the Mystery
Demystify martial arts by employing a scientific approach, with simple explanations. 

• Learn by Feeling
Believe what you feel! Experience range, timing, distance, etc. through hands-on drills.

• Take It Step-by-Step 
Training progressions take you literally from the first step up to dynamic combos.

• Integrity: No False Promises
This will NOT make you a skilled martial artist. It WILL give you an in-depth overview of fighting and a chance to gain invaluable insight into martial arts.  

• Zero Sales Pressure
Learn the fundamentals of fighting with no strings attached! There will be absolutely no pressure to join our other programs.


Negassi Says:

"I thought it was going to be just like hand forms and stuff but this really gets right into the business!"

Gina Says:

"It felt really good to actually get a feel for these moves and learn by doing!"

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Workshop Sessions Scheduled Based on Demand

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know which day/time works best for you.

Complete 4-Week Program

Timeframe: 4-Week Fighting Fundamentals Program! 

For a one-time fee, this 4-week program includes:

4 Weeks of training sessions! 
Attend up to 2 Days per Week! 
• Training Handwraps 
• Fighting Fundamentals T-Shirt

Don't miss this rare opportunity to enhance your fitness, focus, and fortitude while gaining invaluable insight into the core elements of martial arts.

Learn hands-on, step-by-step and begin developing real, practical fighting skills. This is the perfect gift to yourself or anyone who is interested in martial arts but not quite sure what their first step should be. This is also a great way for someone with previous experience to expand your horizons and gain deeper insight into  practical martial arts.  

Fighting 101 Workshop

Timeframe: One 2-Hour Session 

This workshop includes:

• One 2-Hour Interactive Workshop

Let's get physical! Your journey into our program starts here. During this intensive workshop you will train using hands-on applications coupled with simple science-backed explanations. Using real kicks, punches, throws, we'll explore the context of a fight and what it takes to maximize the use of your body. You'll learn step by step, at your own pace. An excellent experience for beginners. 

You'll walk away feeling better equipped to make an informed decision about your future in martial arts. Even if you have martial arts experience, this will equip you with insight to guage the efficiency of any technique you train.

If you don't hear from us within 48 hours, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm your RSVP.



How YOU May Have Inspired Fighting Fundamentals

There are thousands of martial arts systems currently practiced around the world. Each one is driven by a specific set of principles and movements. This often inspires people to debate about which style is "better" or "the best". The simple reality is that any well-established art is only as good (or bad) as the person using it. Where you train and who you learn from will have a monumental impact on your potential to develop useful skills as a martial artist. This program was designed to offer you deeper insight into martial arts and particularly to address two issues prevalent among people interested in martial arts training.

1. The Absolute Beginner's Dilemma 

Does any of this sound familiar: How do I find the right place to learn martial arts when there are so many styles, lineages, and programs to choose from? How do I know that I'm even cut out for learning martial arts? What should I look for to determine if a program is offering quality instruction that will yield tangible results for me?  If you've asked any of these questions, you are not alone! For every person in a martial arts class, there are likely at least 10 who are interested but too overwhelmed with all the unknowns to take that leap and pursue their interest. If you are one of those people overwhelmed and/or uncertain, then you inspired this workshop series!

2. Yearning to Restart, Refresh, or Retouch

Perhaps you took martial arts as a kid. Or maybe you recently had an experience training somewhere that left you feeling like something is missing. Maybe you're happy with where you're training, but you are seeking a fresh look from someone else's perspective. If you fall in any of these groups, then the insight and clarity you seek may be just four weeks away! We can't guarantee you any epiphanies, but we can assure you that this experience will provide an opporunity for you to enhance your understanding of and ability to practically apply your martial arts skills. 



People Are Raving About This Program!


Dwayne Says:

"You get the blood pumping! You get some basic knowledge in self defense. You've got to start somewhere and if you're interested, it's a good starting point."


Mai Says:

"I have always been interested in learning martial arts, but didn't really know where to start, so I signed up for the Fighting Fundamentals not knowing what to expect. After watching Sifu's regular Wing Chun class and participated in the Fighting Fundamentals workshop, I now have a better overview of what martial arts is and what it takes to train martial arts. I look forward to taking more classes with Sifu [Michael Speights]."


Jim Says:

"I really enjoyed the Saturday workshop. In that brief time you've given me much to work on. I very much want to continue training. I will take the rest of the workshops."


Chi Says:

"It was very well planned. I like how he had the mini drills to explain each concept and then tied everything together with the pad training drills."


Gina Says:

"I thought this was really informative and helpful. It felt really good to actually get a feel for these moves and learn by doing. And I felt like the explanations were really practical and helpful. I enjoyed it a lot."


Negassi Says:

"For the first class, it seemed like it kinda touched everything. It wasn't just one form. It was multiple forms that I was exposed to. And that was pretty good, actually. It kinda sets the expectation for the following classes. This was just the basic. I can only imagine what the intense will be like. I thought it was going to be just like hand forms and stuff but this really gets right into the business. I thought it was really great. I would definitely encourage people to give it a try."


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